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Hehe. :] [Sunday the 24th]
[ mood | blah ]

Dear LJ peoplez,



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Ho Ho Ho [Saturday the 11th]
[ mood | mischievous ]

I haven't updated in here IN AGES.
What's poppin my niggahs? XD JUST KIDDING. Please ignore that...haha.
Really not much to update.
Had a good first quarter at school for the most part.
I made a pair of shiny skeleton pajama pants. They're awesome :] And I'm making a pair of skirt pants/raver pants as my next project.
I've been doing a lot of clothing design lately. And drawing has been fun too...though I do need a new sketch book BADLY.
But I'm working on a few things...new story caled In The City and I'm revamping a lot of my characters.
I have a character journal @ greatestjournal.com. It's ---> here. Go check it out, it's awesome. It's going to have art, character bios, stories (written by me of course), my designs catalog, and other shit in it...so if you like me and shit, add it or something. :]
end transmission.


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._> [Friday the 13th]
not dead.
still here.
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PLAY ME. [Friday the 15th]
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This Live Journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Want to be added? I'm glad.

Comment please if you would like to.

Thank you.

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